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Physical Therapy


Welcome to the Physical Therapy Research Guide


Purpose of this Guide

The purpose of the Physical Therapy Guide is to  enhance the capability of students to identify, locate, and access the best evidence available for the evidence based practice of physical therapy.

Mission Statement

Our mission  is to challenge our students to live extraordinary lives through the implementation of our college’s motto:  Thoughtful, Intentional, Strategic.  We ready our students for success in today’s healthcare arena through the application of an experiential learning approach that integrates clinical and didactic learning. Our students will be prepared to consistently practice with integrity and competence in a variety of settings.  We will provide students with learning environments and opportunities dedicated to the student’s individual development as well as the advancement of physical therapy practice.  Our culture will engender excellence, scholarship, altruism, integrity, interdependence and a sense of purpose in each of our students.

Program Goals

Our graduates will:

    1. Be competent physical therapists who will continue to grow professionally by their lifelong acquisition and refinement of knowledge, skills, values and professional behaviors.
    2. Be scholarly physical therapists with the capacity to routinely integrate the best evidence available into their practice.
    3. Use sound clinical judgment to make optimal decisions for and with their clients.
    4. Serve as principal members or leaders in interdisciplinary healthcare practice, health policy, and research.
    5. Engage in efforts to provide their services to people in need locally, nationally, or globally.