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Instructional Technology ED301


You'll find excellent articles in the area of Instructional Technology in the databases below. Each contains a unique collection of materials - try your search in different databases to find the best articles for your topic!

Search Terms

Think about the different terms that might be used to describe your topic, or any other terms that might apply. The more you can think of, the more likely you are to find articles that describe what you are looking for! Here's some suggestions:

  • educational technology
  • computer assisted instruction
  • teaching methods
  • educational innovations
  • web-based instruction
  • teaching aids & devices
  • distance education
  • computers in education

Search Tips!

Phrase Searches - Finding an Exact Phrase in an Article

When searching a database for a particular phrase, put quotes around the entire phrase when you type it into the search box. This tells the database that you want those exact words in that exact order! For example:

  • "educational technology"
  • "teaching methods"
  • "web-based instruction"

Boolean Searches - Finding Multiple Terms in the Same Article

A Boolean (BOOL-ee-un) search can help you find articles that contain multiple search terms for your topic. A Boolean search may use a conjunction like AND between your terms to tell the database that you want only articles that include both terms:

  • education AND computers
  • education AND "mobile technology"
  • "distance education" AND mobile