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Writing Style - APA


APA is the official citation style created by the American Psychology Association.

You will use APA when writing papers for psychology, some science classes, social science classes, and education.  

APA Resources:

APA 7th Edition Workshop 

APA Citation Guide (7th Edition) at Brenau University

APA Elements of Style (video)

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) 



Writing in college can be difficult, but like all things, it improves with practice. Here are some resources that will help you:

If you prefer to have a book to reference when you are writing:

As a student at Brenau University, you are able (and encouraged) to download a free copy of Office 365 for your schoolwork. 

To download your free copy go here:

Office 365 works better with Canvas and other programs than Google Docs,

Your professors will thank you!

Citing Corporate Annual Reports

How to properly cite corporate annual reports, from the section on Technical and Research Reports, APA p. 205-206:

When print is accessed:

Exact Company Name. (year of report). Title of report. City, State abbreviation: Author.

In this case, the company would be both author and publisher, so the publishing company’s name is replaced with the word Author.

The Coca-Cola Company. (2009). United States Securities and Exchange Commission form 10-K. Atlanta, GA: Author.

When accessed on the WWW from the company’s website:

The Coca-Cola Company. (2009). Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission form 10-K.

When accessed on the WWW from someone else’s website:

The Coca-Cola Company. (2009). Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission form 10-K. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the text, use the first two elements of the reference entry - The company's name and the date of the annual report.

According to The Coca Cola Company (2009), ...

...(The Coca Cola Company, 2009).

How to Cite IBISWorld

IBISWorld reports usually name the person who wrote the report. Use that person's name as the author, then add the year and month it was written. Enter the report title in italics, then the report number in parentheses. End with the URL of the report. 

Diment, D. (2021, August). Candy production in the US (US Industry Report 31134).


If the report doesn't name an author, follow this example.

IBISWorld. (2021, August). International trips by US residents (US Business Environment Profiles Report F316).



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