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Undergraduate Education

Information about doing education research at the Trustee Library.

The Assignment

Select and review an article related to education, on the themes of:

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Learners

  • Knowledge

Use credible sources, such as a practitioner journal or a reputable education website.

Thoroughly read the article, then write a review using the template provided. The emphasis of your review should be on your reactions and classroom implications rather than the article’s summary.

Include the following:

  • article’s purpose

  • major discussion points

  • conclusions

  • your personal reactions

  • implications for education

Cite your article using APA 6th Edition guidelines.

The Sources

Type in a search term:

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Learners

  • Knowledge

Use the left toolbar to narrow by Subject.


Short Videos

These videos - all less than 3 minutes long - explain APA in easy-to-follow terms.

APA Style - How To

How do you...