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Conflict Resolution

for information on alternative dispute resolution

Suggested Search Terms

"alternative dispute resolution"

"conflict resolution"


"Robert Yazzie" (Navajo Nation)

 "restorative justice"

"Balcão de direitos" (Brazil)

Sharia (Islamic law)

peacebuilding (Kenya)

"traditional law"

"customary law"

Ho’oponopono (Hawaii)


Gacaca (Rwanda)

Bisha (Bedouin Arabs)

Haqq al-‘arab

Sulha (Arabic world)

Katarungang Pambarangay (Philippines)

Shalish (Bangladesh)

jirga (Afghanistan)

"Bee Chen Goh" (Chinese author)

Chotei (Japan)

Cuakai (Japan)

Chusai (Japan)