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A guide to psychology resources for all undergraduate courses

Early Pioneers Projects

Early Pioneers Project: Research an “Early Woman Pioneer” of I/O psychology. You can select from the women listed or choose one on your own: Marion Bills, Elsie Bregman, Lillian Gilbreth, Mary Tenopyr, Franziska Baumgarten or Mary Holmes Sevens Hayes. 

Part one (Individual Project) Write a 100-1500 word APA style paper about the person you chose to research.  The paper should a brief biography (including their date of birth, date of death, background, and education). A section on the person’s contribution to the field of psychology in general and psychology of the workplace specific). A section that summarizes their significance and legacy. 

Part two: Create a poster presentation highlighting the importance of the person you researched. During a class session TBD you will present you findings in a public forum (also TBD)

What is No?

In the Brenau Trustee Library on 2 hour reserve is a Simulation Training System kit What is NO? This kit has several scenarios of possible Sexual harassment from 2 – three perspectives the harassed person the harassing person, and a manager or HR representative.  Review the existing scenarios for content, relevance, current issues/technology. 

First pick one existing scenario that you find to be no longer current whether from topic, perspective, or technology and writing an updated version of the scenario.  In addition, create a scenario that could fit the parameters of the training kit that addresses possible issues that you did not see addressed in the kit. Each scenario should be from 3 perspectives, the harassed, the harasser, and a third party (HR or management).  In class you will “beta test” your scenarios with your class mates.  After beta testing you will give an assessment of the functionality of the scenario and suggest edits to increase its “playability”. How would you assess the utility of the training? 

Final product will be 2 well written scenarios and a short 750 word APA style paper addressing the beta testing, adjustments and assessing utility.

How are we doing? Examining Gender Representation in I/O psychology

For this project you will be addressing gender participation in the workplace.  Final product will be a 750-1250 word APA paper.

Section 1: look at gender participation in I/O (and related fields) as well as one other profession, career, or job. Compare and contrast the two careers/professions. 

Section 2. In terms of equity theory: how might gender participation rates affect motivation and job satisfaction?

Leadership and Gender

After investigating the scholarly literature on gender (sex?) write a 1000-1500 word paper that at a minimum addresses:  1) Overall representation (male/female) in leadership 2: Find two jobs one in which male participation is greater than female, the other in which female participation is greater than male (for our purposes greater participation is 50% plus  Describe each field (requirements, type of tasks done etc., give the percentages male/female in the positions, finally speculate (all opinions, must be supported with a scholarly source) as to why this difference may occur, consider requirements of the job as well as social mores/norms that may contribute to this, 3) what are the expectation for males vs females 3.5) note the emphasis on gender as a dichotomous concept, 4) review the literature on leadership in terms of gender as a spectrum or continuum 5) offer a suggestion as to how best research leadership and gender, and summarize the paper.


Suggested Search Terms:

Gender AND Leadership

Barriers AND Women AND Leadership