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Website Evaluation with SCARAB

Government Websites

As the U.S. government's official web portal, makes it easy for the public to get U.S. government information and services on the web. Great resource for statistics. is a gateway to US Federal Government agencies' funded science and technology web pages. The site lists both government agency pages and online government publications. 


Which of the following statements is true about the website you are evaluating?

 The source seems "off the wall" or the source contains poor grammar or numerous spelling errors or no sources mentioned.

 Sources of information are mentioned but, not formally cited.  No bibliography or references included.

 The information is formally cited (bibliography, references, or footnotes) or source is industry-approved.

 The information is formally cited and from a peer reviewed, academic, or professional source or it is a primary source.

Sample Websites

Would you use either of these websites as references in scholarly papers?

SCARAB Evaluation Worksheet