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Project Management

Guide to resources for the Brenau MBA in Project Management. Includes tips for finding library resources, evaluating internet resources, accessing exam prep materials, and citing in APA style.

Project Management Keywords

Search the Library databases for articles

The simplest place to start is the Search Everything box on the Library Resources tab. These keywords and topics can be searched on the library databases and on Google for sources outside the library. As always, make sure to vet your sources.


KEYWORDS – Project Management

  “project management”

   “business agile” methodology

   tools  /  techniques

  digital project management

   “agile environment”  / agile teams

   “best practices”  / guidelines


  “agile development framework”

  approach / strategy / method



  framework / methodology


  capacity planning


  corporate culture

  "resource management"

   scope /  goal  /  objective

  organizational culture


   collaborate / cultivate / proactive

  culture of the business

  "time management" / "decision making"

   improve / adaptive / flexible

  cultural differences / diversity/  multicultural

  "artificial intelligence"/ "Internet of Things"

   implement  / implementation

  gender in project management

  "enterprise project management"

    risk    /    “project risk”

  Women in project management


   “case study” OR “case studies”

Search Tips for Project Management

"Phrase search"

Put quotation marks around two or more words to keep them together during the database search. By doing this, you are saying, I want these words to be found in this specific order and beside each other. "Phrase searching" works in most databases including Google and many  Library databases. It often greatly improves the relevancy of your search, but not always.

“project management”      “annual report”      “management system”     “press release”      “strategic plan”

SITE: search

Find quality articles, blog posts, and journal articles using SITE: search.

Use this technique to search for information that is buried in websites. It is a quick and efficient way to use Google. Here’s what to do. Use the root URL of the website you want to find information in and add keywords. You can also use site: to search for domain names, such as .edu and .gov   You will notice that the results list only has items from the one website you want. Try the example searches.

Highly Recommended Sources

Project Management Institute   [root URL]

PMWorld Library   [root URL]

Searching Library Databases for Articles

  • Go to the Library Resources tab
  • Start a search in the Search Everything box OR choose a specific database/journal.
    • Note that "Search Everything" doesn't give results from really great sources like IBISWorld or Mergent. Take time to explore the individual databases if you don't find what you need from "Search Everything."
  • Enter your search terms.
    • Narrow your search by adding more terms with AND.
    • Widen your search by adding synonyms with OR
    • Example:
      • tools OR techniques
      • AND "project management"
      • AND agile
  • Filter your search results from the left-hand column. Popular filters:
    • Full-text: only show articles you can instantly access. Note that you can request other articles through interlibrary loan, so if we don't have it in full-text, there are other options. 
    • Publication date: professors often request sources from the last five years
    • Source type: this helps you filter to news items, scholarly articles, conference talks, etc. Only select Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journal if it is a requirement. Otherwise you will miss out on important information from magazines and trade journals.


Content Attribution

Content on this page is adapted with permission from Golden Gate University's Project Management guide