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First Year Seminar - Reacting to the Past - Civil Rights

The Constitution of the United States, Amendments, Court Cases, & Laws

Niagara Movement

                     Niagara Movement Founders                                                                        

History of Highlander Folk School, SCLC, NAACP, & SNCC

Milestones & Movements


Meredith's March Against Fear

The Albany Movement

New Georgia Encyclopedia

Selected Civil Rights Films

Mississippi Burning     1988

Gandhi                        1982

In The Heat of the Night        1967

…tick…tick…tick      1970

The Butler       2013

The Long Walk Home            1990

The Intruder    1962

The Liberation of L.B. Jones  1970

Ghosts of Mississippi  1996

4 Little Girls    1997

Eyes on the Prize 1987-

The Last White Knight           2012