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BA 470 - Value Change Management

Step Four - Literature Review - Formatting

Step Four - Literature Review - Content

Section Description/Purpose
  • Opening paragraph should be broad and general. 
  • Try to hook the reader by identifying the problem and giving some interesting statistics or prevalence rates related to the problem.
Body of Literature Review
  • Must discuss the pedagogy behind the helicopter project - Analyze a process and improve a process.  Must also provide a justification for your study - Business people must rely less and less on intuition and more on analysis and data in order to improve operations and be successful.
  • Provides an organized, scholarly review of the literature about your research problem.
  • Describes what we "know" and what we "don't know" about the problem.
  • Written in a funnel format - Logical ordering of literature review topics from general to specific.
  • The literature should be grouped in an orderly fashion.  This from broad to specific or by concepts and themes.  Most importantly, your review of the literature should be synthesized rather than discussing each article separately. 
Summary of Literature Review
  • Restates and summarizes what we know about a topic and what we don't know about a topic.
  • Identifies the purpose of your research.


  • Hypotheses are clearly listed and are phrased as predictions