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BA 470 - Value Change Management

Step Six - Results - Formatting & Content


Your Results sections does not start on a new page but Results is centered and bolded.

This section presents the results of analysis without giving opinions about the findings. 


1. Restate each hypothesis and indicate which statistical analysis was used for each.

2. State whether results were significant or not.

3. State whether results supported your hypotheses or not.

Example: In order to test the hypothesis that individuals who had experienced more severe trauma would be more depressed, a correlational analysis was conducted.  Results were significant (r=.403, p<.01).  Results supported the hypothesis; individuals with more severe trauma tended to be more depressed than individuals with less severe trauma.

4. Include diagrams and charts here.  Make sure to assign figure numbers to each of these and refer to the figure numbers when discussing these charts in the discussion section of your paper.