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Reacting to the Past - Anne Hutchinson: Cast of Characters/Places/Things

Anne Hutchinson

 Anne Hutchinson

   Born: July 20, 1591

   Birthplace: Alford, Lincolnshire, England

   Died: August 10,1643

   Place of Death: Pelham Bay, New Netherland (New York)



John Cotton

 John Cotton

   Born: December 4, 1585

   Birthplace: Derby, England

   Died: December 23, 1652

   Place if Death: Boston, MA



John Winthrop

Governor John Winthrop

   Born: January 12, 1587

   Birthplace: Edwardstone, England

   Death: March, 26, 1649

   Place if Death: Boston, MA


Immigrants to the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Puritans)

Boston Church


Photo by Becky DiMattia                                                                                                                                 Photo from Digital Commonwealth