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Evolution of Management Thought MG795

Sources for the integrative paper

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are original materials, such as a first-hand accounts, events, or works of literature or art, that have not been interpreted by anyone other than their creators. Common types of primary sources are diaries, letters, manuscripts, journals, interviews, memoirs, autobiographies, oral history interviews, speeches, organizational records, business records, documents produced by government agencies, newspapers, and many more.  These sources do not generally describe or analyze other documents but are usually created by those who have witnessed what they are describing.

Watch the following video for more information on understanding primary sources.

Primary Sources Video

Library Catalog - Search for Books & Articles

Search the catalog for primary source writings and secondary source biographical information.


For application of theory in both primary and secondary sources, search for articles.

For primary sources, use the advanced search to search in the AUTHOR field for your historical figure. For secondary sources, use the basic search, which will return articles about (and by) your historical figure.