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Advanced Pathophysiology HS771


The purpose of this research guide is to provide research sources and terms for the Learning Issue Modules.

Research Sources & Terms


cluster headache; transient ischemic attack; uterine fibroid; uterine leiomyomas; endometriosis; diabetes insipidus; polycystic ovary syndrome; patent foramen ovale; epididymitis; other conditions as you are assigned.



Search by name rather than acronym - transient ischemic attack rather than TIA, gastroesophageal reflux disease rather than GERD; clostridium difficile rather than C. diff.

Search alternate names if you don't get results - interstitial lung diseases, interstitial pneumonitis, or diffuse parenchymal lung diseases; 3rd degree heart block, or 3rd-degree atrioventricular block, or complete heart block.

Insert AND between concepts for more results - epidemiology AND sickle cell anemia; management AND compartment syndromes.

Use Subject: Major Heading in the side toolbar to narrow results.

Copy and paste searches for accurate results.

Limit all searches to scholarly journals and by date.



condition AND "differential diagnosis" ex:uterine leiomyomas AND "differential diagnosis"; endometriosis AND "differential diagnosis"

condition AND "practice guideline" ex: uterine leiomyoma AND "practice guideline"

condition AND management ex: epididymitis AND management


MM "Practice Patterns, Physicians' trends" AND condition; ex: MM "Practice Patterns, Physicians' trends" AND Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

MM "Biomedical Research trends" AND condition; ex: MM "Biomedical Research trends" AND multiple sclerosis

MM "diagnosis, differential" AND condition; ex: MM "diagnosis, differential" AND endocarditis

Searches listed for the other databases will also work



pleuritis; septic joint; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc