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Occupational Therapy: OT Databases & Journals

This guide will help you find the resources your professors expect you to use in your OT program. These resources can help from beginning your evidence-based practice to finalizing your thesis!

You will find:

  • Databases and journals for scholarly OT-related articles
  • Websites and videos for clinical resources
  • Guides for specific OT classes and assignments
  • Resources for OT professionals
  • Support for APA citations and Zotero research support

START HERE: Databases with General OT Content

These databases have a lot of articles on OT and other allied health fields. They are a good place to start your search. 

Medical Databases with Some OT Content

Psychology Databases with Some OT Content

These databases are primarily intended for psychology research. If your OT topic overlaps with psychology research, try searching these. 

Education Databases with Some OT Content

These databases are primarily intended for education research. If your OT topic overlaps with education research, try searching these. 

Database Search Tips

Database Searching
  • Look for Advanced Search option
  • Combine search terms (AND)
  • Use alternative terms (OR)
  • Limit: peer-reviewed, publication date
  • Avoid limiting by full-text availability
  • Get better keywords from subject headings
  • Truncation/wildcard (adolesc*)
Citation Trails
  • Check introduction, lit review, and references of helpful articles
  • Use Google Scholar “cited by” for more recent
We Don’t Have It?
  • Check for Full-Text Finder
  • Copy-paste article title in library catalog and in Google Scholar
  • Interlibrary Loan / Information Delivery service

Got the Citation? Find the Article

Search the Brenau Trustee Library and More!
Enter subject, title, or author
Search Everything
Search for Articles
Search for Books
Search for Streaming Media
Search Credo Reference
Type in keywords to search. If the full text is available online, you will be linked to the full text.
To locate the full text of an article when all you have is its title, type its title into the box.
Items available online will have an Access Online button.

Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes you'll find a useful-looking item, but there's no "PDF Full Text" icon with it. Some of these even have a handy "Purchase Article" button. Don’t get out your credit card yet! Often, the Brenau library does own it in another location, or it's available freely online, or the library can borrow a copy for you. Follow these steps then talk to a librarian before paying. 

  • Check library catalog

    • Use the general library catalog search box at Copy-paste the article title into the search box.

    • This will look in many databases at once. If Brenau owns it, the article will appear with a "View Full Text" option. 

    • The obvious question: if this searches all the databases at once, why don't I just do all my searching here? Why bother with subject-specific databases in the LibGuide? Answer: because the general library catalog search is a blunt instrument, and the subject-specific databases let you fine-tune your search much better. 

  • Check Google Scholar

    • If you don't see the article you want in the Brenau library catalog, try Google Scholar.

    • Go to and copy-paste the article title in the search box.

    • If the article is available full-text online, a link will appear on the right side of the screen.

    • Google Scholar is especially useful for articles posted by government sites or for dissertations published by universities.

    • Be careful of search results from certain websites, including ResearchGate,, and Semantic Scholar. These are like social networking sites for academics, and the articles found there may be illegally posted without permission of the copyright holder.

  • Request through interlibrary loan / information delivery

    • If you've already checked the Brenau library catalog and Google Scholar, the Brenau library may be able to help.

    • Fill out the request form linked from this page:

    • Brenau's interlibrary loan specialist will ask colleagues at other libraries for a copy of the item. In many cases, this can be emailed as a PDF. This is a free service for Brenau students. There are some restrictions described in the page linked above. 

Your OT Librarian

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