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An excellent method of gathering and organizing your research resources!

Videos on Using Zotero

APA 6 in Zotero

Zotero wants to use the most recent (7th edition) of APA. However, some Brenau programs are still using the 6th edition of APA. To make Zotero recognize APA 6 as an option:

Step 2: click "American Psychological Association 6th edition." There are several versions on the list. You want the one without anything in parentheses after the title. 
Step 3: open the file from your downloads folder or the bar at the bottom of your screen. This will open Zotero. In a minute, it will ask you to install the file. Say yes.
Step 4: next time you insert a citation in a Word document, it will ask you what citation style you want to use. APA 6 should be one of the options.  

Assorted Zotero Tips

For basic instructions on using Zotero, see the videos above.

Here are some extra tips on various Zotero questions that have come up. If you have another question or have a trick to share, let us know with the "Ask A Librarian" tool!

Google Docs: Google Docs began supporting Zotero in late 2018. It's fine for short, one-person documents. However, we do not recommend using Zotero in Google Docs for long papers edited by multiple people. It's still glitchy and causes a lot of problems, from weird formatting to crashing. If you need to share a document, we recommend using Office 365 (free through your Brenau account). If you are really committed to Google Docs, don't try to use Zotero until the end. Write your paper and insert reminders like [insert Smith 2018 citation here] in the text. When you're done with the paper, download it as a Word doc and insert all the citations and references using Zotero in Word. 

Abbreviations: In APA style, you may need to spell out a long phrase once and abbreviate it later. Zotero can do this.

Highlighting Zotero citations: In Word for Windows, you can hover over a Zotero citation and it will turn gray. That's a good way to make sure all your citations are from Zotero and will show up in your reference list. In Word for Mac, you have to turn that on manually

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Zotero Support

Welcome to Zotero, an outstanding research tool. Use it to:

  1. Collect articles, reports, web pages, etc.
  2. Organize the information, tag it, take notes, and search it
  3. Create easy bibliographies and reference lists
  4. Create easy in-text citations in Word
  5. Work from any Internet-connected computer anywhere;
  6. Collaborate with colleagues and professors.

The series of videos above will get you started. Getting started is easy and fast.

Zotero Support is here.

If your prefer print, click here to download the Zotero User Guide.

Want the ebook? Read it now.