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Academic Honesty

Tools to avoid plagiarism

Academic Honesty @ Brenau University

The Academic Honesty Policy is located in Brenau University's online catalog:

"Brenau University is an academic community actively engaged in scholarly pursuits. As members of this community, students are expected to recognize and honor standards of academic and intellectual integrity."


Reporting Academic Dishonesty at Brenau

Policies and Procedures for reporting plagiarism:

Policy Subject: Academic Honesty Policy

Policy Number: AA-400-08

University Resources

The Trustee Library

The Trustee Library has skilled information professionals who can educate and guide students through the research process in the classroom, one-on-one, and online.

Research Guides: The best starting point for students. Visit the guide "Writing for an A" to get started.

Research Tutorials: A collection of librarian created online videos on specific research topics and strategies. The tutorials emphasize and instruct on avoiding plagiarism.

Make an Appointment: Students may request an individual session with a librarian for research and citation assistance.

Classroom Instruction: The best way to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism is to have class instruction session with a librarian. We are available to instruct all classroom instructions either in person or online.


Writing Center

Located in the Trustee Library and online, the Writing Center has trained tutors available to help throughout the writing process.






Types of Plagiarism

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