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Finding a peer reviewed article in anthropology

Step by Step Guide to Finding Peer Reviewed Anthropology Articles

For the best available resource for peer reviewed articles in Anthro, click on Academic Search Complete. When the window opens: 

1.  Type anthropology into the FIND box and click SEARCH. 

2. Instead, in the toolbar on the left side of the page, click on SUBJECT: THESAURUS TERM. When the list appears, click on ANTHROPOLOGY.

3.  Now look at the top of the same toolbar column on the left. It will show the number of results and the Subject Thesaurus Term: Anthropology.   Click on ANTHROPOLOGY here.  This will take you from a limited keyword search into the subject of anthropology, and list every single article on the subject. 

But don’t look at the results yet!

4.  Instead, add your next search term to the to the FIND box to focus on your real interest.You might choose one of the four sub-disciplines of anthropology - cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, or linguistics. You might choose one of the systems studied by cultural anthropologists, including family structure, economics, religion, social structure, language, or technology. You could choose to add your major, such as nursing, education, psychology, or art. For example:

  • AND linguistics
  • AND technology
  • AND nursing

Your search should look like this: (Don't lose the ZE. It's an important part of the search.)

  • "ZE "ANTHROPOLOGY" AND linguistics
  • "ZE "ANTHROPOLOGY" AND technology
  • "ZE "ANTHROPOLOGY" AND nursing

This will focus your search on anthropology articles about linguistics (or technology or nursing, or whatever, depending on your choice of search terms). 

5.  In the blue left toolbar, click the boxes for FULL TEXT and SCHOLARLY (PEER REVIEWED) JOURNALS to limit your results to articles which meet the requirements of the assignment. You can also enter a date range if you want. Click UPDATE. 

Now look at the results!

You will have a reasonable number of  full text, peer reviewed articles on your topic. Better yet, you can apply this searching strategy to focus your results any time you see the blue EBSCOhost button logo on a database.

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