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Business Overview: Articles & Books

Business Course Specific Libguide.


This guide will help you find the resources your professors expect you to use in your business program.

You will find:

  • Databases and journals for scholarly business-related articles.
  • Specialized resources and reference books for specific business areas
  • Guides for specific business classes and assignments
  • Support for APA citations

Search the Library Catalog for Books

Most of your grad-level research will come from articles, dissertations, and government reports. These are found in the databases and resources linked above. 

You will sometimes need books for historical context, background, overviews, or theory on a topic. Use the search box below to find print books and ebooks available through the Brenau library.


Database Search Tips

Database Searching
  • Look for Advanced Search option
  • Combine search terms (AND)
  • Use alternative terms (OR)
  • Limit: peer-reviewed, publication date
  • Avoid limiting by full-text availability
  • Get better keywords from subject headings
  • Truncation/wildcard (adolesc*)
Citation Trails
  • Check introduction, lit review, and references of helpful articles
  • Use Google Scholar “cited by” for more recent
We Don’t Have It?

START HERE: Databases with General Business Content

These databases have a lot of articles on business topics including project management, accounting, marketing, and more! They are a good place to start your search. 

Databases for Industries and Company Information

Databases for Marketing

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