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Graduate Education

Helpful information for graduate research in education


The information on this page refers to the 6th edition of APA style. Most programs now follow the newer 7th edition of APA style. 

This page is only intended for students following APA 6. This generally will only apply to students in the EdD program who entered in Summer 2020 or earlier (Cohorts 1, 2, and 3).

If you have not been specifically instructed to follow the 6th edition of APA style, do not use this page. Go to the APA 7th edition guide instead.  

A Very Correct APA Style PAPER

Citing Scholarly Articles - DOIs and URLs

The doi is preferred over the URL.

Format it as

or as


Citation format: Author, A. (2010). How to find a doi number. The Journal of Citing Sources, 8(1). 38-48.

To locate the DOI

  1. Look for it on the first page of the PDF of the article.
  2. Locate the article in the database. Try the cite button. The citation may have the doi.
    1. In an EBSCOhost database (Academic Search Complete, etc.) click on the article title. In the right side toolbar, click cite.
    2. On a ProQuest database (Research Library, etc.) click the preview. Then click cite.
  3. Next, Google the journal. Sometimes the journal's website will list the doi. Look for "archives" or "find issues". The doi will be with the article.


If you tried Steps 1-3, give up on the doi. Not every article has one.

Instead, paste the journal's home page URL (web address) into the reference entry. Don't use the page where the article is actually located, always use the home page.

Citation format: Author, A. (2010). How to find a doi number. The Journal of Citing Sources, 8(1). 38-48. Retrieved from

Thus saith APA.

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