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Graduate Psychology: Your Classes

Class-Specific Overview

Explore the boxes below for resources and tips for specific grad psychology courses.

Got an assignment that's not listed here or needs updated info? Please contact your librarian!

PY 602 Human Growth & Development

Video 1 - The Baby's Brain: This video illustrates that process and the more complex brain development that occurs during an infant’s life, both before and following birth.

Video 2 - The Child's BrainThis video shows how we acquire and cultivate language—perhaps the greatest hallmark of being human. The film also describes how seizures such as those resulting from epilepsy and Rasmussen’s syndrome have a devastating effect on brain development in some children.

Video 3 - The Teenage BrainThis video explores the neurological reasons behind the unwieldy hallmarks of adolescence—poor judgment, roiling emotions, and burning compulsions—as well as particular mental health issues. [this is in YouTube instead of Kanopy like the others]

Video 4 - The Adult Brain: This video focuses on the interplay between reason and emotion and the ways in which the brain’s emotional center has been found to overlay its hub of intellect and logic.

Video 5 - The Aging BrainThis video presents recent discoveries in neuroscience that tell us how the brain ages, and how that aging process and intact mental functions aren’t mutually exclusive.

You will sometimes need books for historical context, background, overviews, or theory on a topic. Use the search box below to find print books and ebooks available through the Brenau library.


PY 612 Psychopathology

LB501: Library Research & Literature Review

In LB501, you'll continue to apply the search strategies from your first semester.

You'll also need to keep track of all the searching and sources you find. Use Zotero, a research tracker (below), and guidance from the textbook to help. 

PY 706/707 Assessments

End of Program: Submit Thesis

Congratulations on successfully defending your thesis! Now you're ready to upload your thesis to make it available for future researchers.

PY980 PsyD Dissertation

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