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Thesis Guide

Brenau Thesis Guides

Electronic Thesis Guidelines

Instructions for the Electronic Publication of Theses

Brenau University publishes its graduate theses and projects through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, which is the official digital dissertations archive for the Library of Congress. The collection includes work by authors from more than 1,700 graduate schools and universities the world over, and covers every conceivable subject. Every major research university in the United States and Canada is represented in the database and there is also a decent and growing international coverage.

How to Order Print Copies

Options for students who would like to obtain a print copy of their thesis:

NOTE:  Upon completion of thesis requirements the student will submit the thesis for electronic preservation to ProQuest Electronic Theses and Dissertations.  The library’s collection development policy prefers the acquisition of electronic resources over print in order to provide the most equitable access to all of Brenau’s academic community, both on and off campus; however students may have some reason to choose to have their theses bound.  In some circumstances the department may require hardbound copies of the thesis in addition to the copy provided to the library collection. 

Students who wish to upload their theses electronically are not obligated to provide a bound copy to the library.  Students who do not upload their theses electronically must provide a bound print copy to the library.

ProQuest - Order Personal Hardbound Copies

Students who upload their theses electronically may additionally purchase a bound print copy of their thesis through ProQuest during the upload process.  See Electronic Theses Submission Instructions - Students for more information.

HF Group (Thesis On Demand) - Order Personal Hardbound Copies & Send the Library a Hardbound Copy

Students who do not submit theses to ProQuest must use the HF Group’s Thesis On Demand ( service to order hardbound copies. 

See the document Submitting a Thesis for Binding – Student Instructions for more details.

Best Practice Approach to On-Time Thesis Development