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How to Find a Company's Annual Report

Begin by Googling the company to find its official web site. For example, if I want to find information on Tootsie Roll Industries, I search the company name. The first hit is So far, so good.

To find the information on a company’s financial position, look for a link, often at the top of the page or the very bottom of the page labeled

  • company (as in Tootsie Roll Industries) 
  • company information 
  • corporate 
  • about 
  • investors

Then look for a link to financial information (

Sometimes web sites get a little cryptic, and you have to click through the links to find the information. Clicking the link labeled "site map" will show you a list of every page on the web site, or at least the major pages.

Privately owned companies don't generally publish financial information on the web.

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