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How to Find a Company's Annual Report

  • Choose a publicly held company! Privately owned companies generally don't publish the information you need. You can double-check their status on their Wikipedia page.
  • Google the company to find its official web site, or follow the link from its Wikipedia page. For example, if I want to find information on Tootsie Roll Industries, I search the company name. The first hit is So far, so good. 
  • Find the company's annual report and other financial data. Check the very top or very bottom of the page. Look for words like: 
    • company information  
    • corporate 
    • about 
    • investors 
    • title of the company (as in Tootsie Roll Industries)  
  • Look for a link to financial information, annual reports, SEC filings, etc.  (
  • Troubleshooting: the information you need can be hidden in the website. You may need to click through the links to find the information. Click the "site map" link on the company website to see a list of major pages. 

Be selective when choosing a company. You will need to locate information and analysis on both the company and its industry.

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